Our R&D team, led by Ritesh Patel, works closely with our clients to provide consistent, high-quality formulations. With decades of R&D experience, we are able to provide the solution you seek, whether a new formula or a reformulation. We also take pride in offering innovative ingredients that give our clients an edge in today’s competitive nutraceutical market space.

At US Pharma Lab, we understand the importance of the product development process. Rest assured that we will analyze all properties of each ingredient before a formulation is submitted to you. Our R&D team will be in constant contact with you as we go through product development and pilot scale production together.

Pilot scale manufacturing facility
A 6,000 ft2 pilot scale manufacturing facility. Demonstrates viability without a need for commmercial runs.

We thrive on identifying and providing solutions for our client's formulation challenges. Let us help you get past your formulation obstacles.